So Long, Farewell, Auf Weidersehen, Goodbye...

2016; I don’t think that any year has had more memes describing the train wreck that is was. For me, for the most part, it was a mess to say the least. Ended friendships, heartbreak, disappointments galore… all in what seemed to be a never-ending hell storm

Despite the dismal past 365 days, there were positive notes.

Pokemon Go. Enough said. 

I’ve grown. Though still one of the most impatient and miserable people that you may encounter within your lifetime, I’ve become a little more patient and I appreciate the fact that people have noticed. I’ve learned the value of not saying everything that comes to mind and also learned the value of not speaking or acting while annoyed. This was no easy feat, especially for this king.

I grew closer to God; which was a goal I set for myself and something we should all tirelessly seek to do. Growing up in church, I was taught the importance of having a relationship with God. However, it is important, the we, for ourselves find Him & subsequently grow w/ him. This was especially paramount for me after having attempted the “s word”. After trying to end my life & failing, I ultimately found myself a new love for church and being surrounded by people that share the same joy as me and it has truly been a central piece of me… After all, the king is defender of the faith and head of the church, is he not?

Speaking of goals, I set a few for 2016. I failed (miserably) at reaching them. For 2016, my goals were:

a) To grow closer to God
b) Lose all of the weight that I put on over the past two years
c) Get back in school
d) Start playing rugby
e) Become a certified SCUBA diver
f ) Visit a country apart from the USA
g) Grow into my photographic craft & skill
h) Rush in junknaoo (In Nassau)
i)  Create a website

So, I’m probably 4lbs lighter when compared the start of the year, still not in school, still a land lover, my passport still only has tattoos from the USA & I spectated on Bay Street, yet again. Three out of nine isn’t too bad? Right? Wrong. For that reason, my goals for 2017 are essentially the same. However, this time, I’ll actually work towards reaching them and ultimately reach them.

Our revolution around the sun is just about done. For some of us, it was a movement that we wished would never end and for the rest of us that actually live on this planet, we’re thrilled to be done with it. So, here’s to all of our accomplishments made and to all of our disappointments experienced this past year. They’re all lessons to be learnt and launch pads into 2017 that will make us all better men and women.

A king wouldn’t be a king without his subjects. Let me hear from you. What were your goals (reached or unreached), your disappointments, or even your goals for the upcoming year? How will 2017 be the year for you?

Yours Truly,
His Grace, Rex Kris

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