Think Paradise

Think Paradise is a unique Bahamian brand started by recent university grad, Lynnquell Gardiner. A native of the widest and most northerly island in the Bahama Island chain, Grand Bahama, she started Think Paradise in an attempt to offer a piece of paradise to people. They are to serve as a constant reminder that paradise can be with you no matter where you are because paradise is a state of mind.

Think Paradise Pieces are all inspired by islands of The Bahamas. Presently, Think Paradise has pieces representing Grand Bahama, New Providence, and Eleuthera.

Think Paradise first started with the Grand Bahama necklaces and I always thought it to be so creative, but I thought that they were a bit too girly for me, so I never got one.

Grand Bahama Vertical Pendant

Then came the release of the coin pendants which starred the island home to our capital city, New Providence. They’re circular coin shaped pendants in either gold or silver with the island of the New Providence embossed along with the caption, “Nassau”.

After that came the release of Think Paradise’s Eleuthera themed necklaces. One necklace is the same as the New Providence necklace, except that its pendant has the island of Eleuthera embossed onto it with the caption, “Eleuthera”. Being the Pineapple Isle, home to the sweetest pineapples in the world, also a part of the Eleuthera necklace line is a pineapple shaped pendant on a necklace. Again, I admired the creativity, this time even more but I felt that the necklaces that the pendants came on were too girly, so I opted not to purchase any.

I spoke with Think Paradise’s starter, Lynnquell, who informed me that the pendants can be purchased separately from the necklaces and that was all I needed to hear! I got to ordering. With Nassau being the city of my birth & Eleuthera being the island where I first lived (& where my mom’s side of my family is from), I ordered one coin pendant of each of the islands. Her website was pretty straight forward & simple to use and shipping was a few days… Actually, my order was delivered faster than expected.

Eleuthera in Gold & Nassau in Silver

Lynnquell adds a personal touch to her Thank Paradise orders. Inside each package along with your actual choice of jewellery, comes a handwritten 'Thank you' note. The piece itself comes in its own protection with care instructions.

These are the kinds of things that should be on display at the Straw Market, not Bob Marley handbags, t-shirts and backpacks that paradoxically have “Bahamas” (not The Bahamas) printed on them. They’re Bahamian made, affordable and celebrate the islands of The Bahamas. While Think Paradise only features necklaces and pendants that represent three islands thus far (Grand Bahama, New Providence & Eleuthera), Lynquell hopes to have “Pieces of Paradise” representing all of the islands in the near future. (Follow Think Paradise onInstagram for updates.)

I love my pieces of paradise, so I thought that I’d share them with you. Click here to browse the selection over at Think Paradise.