[ New Providence ] • Blue Sail Restaurant & Beach Bar

Blue Sail Restaurant & Beach Bar is, as its name states, a restaurant and bar found in western New Providence perched on the dunes of Sandyport Beach. A beach that is, to me, one of the better beaches in New Providence.

The restaurant offers an immaculate view of the Bahamian sea, courtesy of its neighbouring beach and actually, the atmosphere and scenery remind me of Dune by Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten at the Ocean Club on Paradise Island.

Blue Sail offers casual dining and drinking experiences, so it’s okay to dress comfortably when visiting. Its menu is somewhat varied, offering enough options to give its guests a variety while still not being overwhelming, resulting in choosing a dish to be somewhat of a task.

During my visit, I along with some family members went for lunch in celebration of a cousin’s birthday. Our server was initially pleasant. This changed after she was asked to repeat herself, as she spoke rather quickly and it was hard for any of us to understand all of what she said. After that, there was a noticeable change in disposition from her. Though, as we intended to enjoy ourselves and our relative’s birthday, we disregarded it.

I ordered a medium-rare (because is there a better way to eat beef?) Canadian Bacon Cheese Burger. Two of my cousins ordered Lamb Gyros and another, a Blue Sail Salad.
My burger drew lots of attention as it was being walked over to our able from my party, and while it was placed in front of me. It was HUGE! In addition to that, it was cooked perfectly and I wasn’t expecting that. Very often in The Bahamas, when asking for something to be cooked at a temperature other than well done, it’s as if you’ve asked the server to personally remedy all of the troubles ailing our country. Nah, I just want my meat a little pink inside and that’s okay! The burger was also really flavourful. My only complaint is that it was supposed to be stuffed with both cheese (mozzarella) and mushrooms, but there wasn’t a noticeable amount of mushrooms in it and the cheese, while present, was on the burger as opposed to being, “stuffed” in it… Semantics, I suppose. That aside, I still ate every piece of that burger and it was amazing! The accompanying fries, however… Well… They were cold and dry… Mine, and everyone else who ordered fries with their food at my table.

If you know this king, you know that he THOROUGHLY enjoys fries, so this was a great disappointment. Nevertheless, I ate them all. (I can’t help myself when it comes to fries) My cousin, however, opted for new fries and I will admit that her replacement fries were what we should have all gotten initially.

Despite a few minor hiccups and a server that left a little more to be desired, our lunch at Blue Sail was enjoyed.

Their pizzas are amazingly good too!

In addition to their dining option, Blue Sail features and 360 bar and serve a variety of local and imported beers, handmade mojitos and a myriad of other libation options.

If you’re looking for a new lunch or dinner option or new unwind spot after a long day at work, be sure to check out Blue Sail Restaurant & Beach Bar. If you do decide to visit Blue Sail at night and dine outdoors or sit at the bar, be sure to either use bug spray before going or ask a server for some as mosquitoes will be an ever-present nuisance while outdoors.