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The history of The Bahamas can not be told without speaking about pirates.

The first in a series of events that made these islands the Pirate’s Republic was the docking of the, “Fancy” in Nassau Harbour. It was a ship captained by Henry Avery, a pirate. Some of the goods taken during the looting of another ship were used to bribe the then governor, Nicholas Trott.

After this, the city came under attacked by a combined French & Spanish fleet and the island of New Providence was left almost empty and eventually became overran with pirates. It was during this time Nassau truly became the capital of the Pirate’s Republic.


There were so many pirates in Nassau that they outnumbered the actual Bahamian people who permanently resided on the island. Eventually, the pirates voted that Edward “Blackbeard” Teach become their leader. He managed the affairs of the Pirate’s Republic until 1718 when Woodes Rogers became governor of The Bahamas and saw to it that the reign of piracy throughout these islands come to an end.


Today, there are still remnants of our swashbuckling past. One of them may be Blackbeard’s Tower.

Blackbeard's Tower

Blackbeard's Tower

To say that it’s in a state of disrepair is an understatement. Thick foliage surrounds it, though the pathway up a hill to it is clear. But it does offer impressive views of the harbour and the surrounding island. It has the potential is be a really dope attraction, offering some view into history. 

Blackbeard’s Tower is what remains of an old lookout on a hill overlooking the Nassau Harbour in Eastern New Providence. Some suggest that it was built by Blackbeard for the purpose of luring ships into the harbour. Others suggest that Blackbeard himself wasn’t in The Bahamas long enough to see to it that a fort and tower be built. While others suggest that it wasn’t even built during the time of Blackbeard. So, its true history is debatable.

I went with my friend Ashley and I suggest also going with a buddy or two. Finding it is actually simple. Check out her blog for directions and even a cool video offering aerial footage of the tower and the harbour!

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