[ Life ] • Depression & Suicide

Any loss of life is saddening for me. I cry at funerals when I see family members crying over their loved one's death even if I don't know them. 

However, the loss of a celebrity’s life has never been that troubling to me. Having not knowing them personally, while accepting that their life ending was sad, typically I’ve never found myself genuinely mourning the death of a celebrity. I can only think of one celebrity whose death was genuinely moving for me; Amy Winehouse’s.

That was until today. Today, the music world mourns the loss of one of the most respected Hip-Hop artists Mac Miller. While his relationship with pop singer Ariana Grande may be something that he will be always remembered for, his music and impact is definitely something that defines him. Not only as an artist but as a human being.


Many of them that knew him personally describe him to be a genuine and sweet soul. This may or may not be the case and I can not agree nor deny it, as I did not know him personally. However, I know that his music, like the music of Kid Cudi, always moved me.

Mac Miller’s art in the form of his music made me feel as if there was someone who knew exactly how my mind worked at all times. Art is supposed to be moving. Upon receipt of knowledge of an artist’s death and/or their inability to reproduce their craft, anyone would be troubled if they’ve been moved. His art moved me. 

Reading about his death was surreal.

Knowing personally the strains that depression puts on an individual, it is important for me to stress that you should always check on the people you care about. Depression does not always manifest itself in the form of isolation and tears. Very often, your happiest friend or family member with the biggest warmest personality can be battling their own demons that nobody knows about. Nobody would have ever suspected me to be depressed, let alone suicidal or even that I still battle with depression to this day. Having tried to take my own life before and considered on numerous occasions, depression and suicide are two things that I take very seriously.

Pray for your loved ones. 
Check in on your loved ones. 
Show your loved ones that you care. 
Let your loved ones know that they are never alone. 
Be there for them & most importantly do the same for yourself.

If you’re currently depressed, you can reach out to me on Twitter. I allow anyone to direct message me whether we follow each other or not to be available for anyone who may need someone to speak to. You can also e-mail me. I am always willing to help anybody that reaches out to me and if I personally can’t, I’m willing to find the person(s) that can.

If you’d prefer to speak to a professional, you can contact The Bahamas Crisis Centre at: 


A life of depression is not the life God planned for you, substance abuse is not the answer and suicide is not your only way out. You are more than what you think you are and you do not have go through things alone.