[ Eleuthera ] • Reasons to Visit

It’s the island that was the site of the first permanent human inhabitation in The Bahamas, after the eradication of the Lucayans at the hands of our dear friend Columbus. Those same people, the Lucayans, called the island Ciguateo. When the Eleutheran adventurers wrecked on the island, they called it Eleuthera. The present name of the island Eleuthera comes from a Greek word meaning freedom.

It is the longest island in The Bahamas. It’s also really narrow, stretching no more than a mile in distance at its widest point. At its narrowest point, its spans a distance of a mere 30 feet. This point, Glass Window, is also the narrowest natural point on earth.

Eleuthera is where my mother's side of the family descends. In fact, my mom was born there. I spent my formative days on the island. After moving, I always enjoy my visits home and here are 10 reasons why you should visit the Pineapple Isle: 

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