[ Eleuthera ] • St. George's Cay

At just under one-half of a mile wide & not even a full two miles long, the island is still home to about 1,500 residents.

It's undoubtedly one of the most densely populated islands in the entire Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

Apart of the Eleuthera group of islands, St. George’s Cay is a little more than a quarter of a mile off the mainland North Eleuthera, separated by a very short passage of water.

You’re probably thinking, “What the hell is St. George’s Cay?” and that’s really okay. Maybe if I say, Spanish Wells, you’ll know what I’m referring to. While the island is commonly (usually and only) referred to as Spanish Wells, its actual name is St. George’s Cay. Spanish Wells is really the name of the largest (and only) settlement on the island. Because of this, the island has become known as Spanish Wells. Just as most folks refer to the entire island of New Providence as Nassau or Grand Bahama as Freeport.

If you couldn’t tell, St. George’s Cay was obviously named after Saint George. He was a Christian martyr who was killed for not renouncing the faith. Spanish Wells, well, interestingly enough was dubbed Spanish Wells because it was a place where Spanish ships would stock up on water.

Spanish Wells & St. George’s Cay are known as being the Fishing Capital of The Bahamas and rightfully so. In fact, there was a time when Spanish Wells had the highest per capita income in the country because of its very thriving fishing industry.

The island is also perhaps more well known for its bright pastel coloured buildings that residents pride themselves in. The colour scheme for homes and other buildings is quite unique to the island and gives the island an idyllic & picturesque setting.

Talk of Spanish Wells is typically not done without also mentioning racism. The island, like so many other islands in The Bahamas, became infamous because of racism. Though, today the times have changed. The residents of St. George’s Cay & its neighbouring sister island Russell Island (connected by a very short bridge), with their very distinctive Bahamian accents, are very friendly and warm.

Getting to Spanish Wells is pretty easy. It’s really just one road from the North Eleuthera International Airport in Lower Bogue and there are ferries that operate numerous times a day between Gene’s Bay dock and Spanish Wells Dock and costs you $5 each way.

St. George’s Cay is quaint and its architecture & people are charming making it one of my favourite islands in The Bahamas.

The Eleutheran in me may be a little biased though... Just a little.