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In the fledgling days of The Bahamas, shipping was very important for the islands. In fact, shipping continues to be a major link between the islands even well after in the introduction of aircraft.

For this reason, most island’s capitals were areas with either a natural harbour or some sort of safe anchorage for ships.

Elizabeth Harbour, 
Georgetown (Capital of),
Great Exuma Island, The Exumas

Harbour Island Harbour,
Dunmore Town (Capital of),
Harbour Island

This is the case with Long Island’s capital, Clarence Town. Clarence Town is a slow-paced halcyon village home to less than 100 people. Almost all of which are my family. The town sits on several hills. All of which offer unspoiled views of the Clarence Town Harbour which made this town the ideal spot to be the capital.

In a previous blog post, I gave some slight history of the settlement which was named after the brother of an American Loyalist who was given the land where Clarence Town sits as a reward for his loyalty to the English Crown.

On its harbour, you can find the Flying Fish Marina & Lighthouse Point Restaurant which is one of the best spots to get food from on Long Island.


Lighthouse Point is not your typical out island restaurant. Their furnishings are very modern and they even allow customers to pay with cards (which is more than what Nassau’s Bamboo Shack can say, but that’s a story for another day). Their menu is varied though not overwhelming and most importantly for me, they serve Kalik Gold.

I’ve been several times and the food is always amazing.

The restaurant itself sits atop a two building and offers panoramic views of the Clarence Town Harbour and its neighbouring cays. One of which is Strachan’s Cay. It’s uninhabited, but the fact that we share the same name is important enough for me to mention it.

Finding Lighthouse Point is simple. When heading south into Clarence Town, as the road splits right after passing the Community Centre, stay left driving past one of the “Twin Churches” St. Paul’s Anglican Church. Continue along that road until it ends. There you’ll find Flying Fish Marina & Lighthouse Point. If heading north in Clarence Town, where the road branches off to the left (which would take you past the other “Twin Church” Sts. Peter & Paul’s Roman Catholic) continue straight along that road and then make a right. At the end of that road will be your destination.

I love Lighthouse Point. Their food is always enjoyable and their staff is always friendly.

What are some of your favourite food spots in Long Island, if you’ve ever been? If you haven’t been, let me know where you’re most interested in going. Leave a comment below to tell me about your food desires.

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