[ Grand Bahama ] • Manta Ray Village

I like to eat. Anyone can tell you that this king, “like he belly”. Naturally, at the offer to do lunch with a dear friend of mine, I leaped. The time and place were left up to me to decide. I thought about going to Agave and while I do enjoy the food and service there, it’s just so cliché.

When it comes to the wine and dine life in Freeport, it sometimes seems like you only have the same handful of options to rotate through. So, I said to myself, “No Agave.” I gave myself a list of things desired for the selected lunch spot:

  1. A view – I love places with a picturesque view. Bar/pub, church, restaurant, roads… anything. So wherever we went, there needed to be a view.
  2. Good atmosphere – Yes the food may be enjoyable, but the service may be poor. That or the environment of the place is just not comfortable. As such, I needed the ambiance of the selected lunch spot to be inviting.
  3. (Most importantly) Great food – I’ll be honest and say that in Freeport, and be extension Grand Bahama entirely, there is little consistency in quality and tastiness. You can patronise a business on Friday, have the best time, encounter the best staff and just have an overall great experience, only to go to the same place the following week and it be a completely different story. It’s so frustrating!

After creating this list, I thought of the Sand Bar. My only issue with the Sand Bar was that it’s in Mather Town (a small settlement almost entirely surrounded by the City of Freeport) and I just really didn’t feel like making the drive or asking my friend if she was willing to make it. Then I remembered Manta Ray Village and decided that that’s where we’d have lunch.

MRV 4 - WM.jpg

Spoiler alert: Happy with my decision.

Manta Ray Village is a beachside restaurant not too far from Island Seas Resort on the Russell’s & Williams’ Town-City of Freeport border. It’s been around for a little while, but it’s remained to be somewhat of a hidden gem.

I’ve been there numerous times. I have NEVER had poor service there. In fact, I’ve always had exceptional service and the food has always been phenomenal. This sitting was no deviation from that norm. In fact, our waitress Shantel was outstanding and made our time there so much more enjoyable.

Their menu is small enough that it’s not overwhelming with too many options, but not too small where it’s underwhelming and lacking options. There is a lot of seafood on the menu, which is always a plus for me. They also serve sweet potato fries which is another plus. They’re also not very taxing on the wallet and lunch for two, including several beers still wasn’t even $50. Their biggest drawback though is that THEY DON’T SERVE KALIK GOLD!

If Kalik Gold’s not your thing though (I don’t see how it couldn’t be), you enjoy great food,the smell of the ocean in a relaxing environment and don't mind not being in an air-conditioned building, Manta Ray Village is most certainly a place to consider.