[ Grand Bahama ] • Owl's Hole

Located about 10 miles east of the City of Freeport, in Freetown Settlement is Owl’s Hole. It’s a naturally formed fresh water cave that a lot of Grand Bahamians don’t even know about and it is the larger of the two cave entrances that make up the Old Freetown Cave System found on the interior of Grand Bahama Island. It’s named after the birds that would call this cave home from time to time throughout the year.

I recommend that you go with a group, or with a friend; that makes all the difference. I decided to go with a few of my friends. We called ourselves, “The Jumpsquad” and we set out for Owl’s Hole. I figured it would have been easy enough, seeing as how there’s literally only one road to get there, but we actually got lost. We made a few wrong turns onto the wrong dirt roads, but we eventually got onto the correct path. (The correct corner now has an orange owl spray painted onto a pole that’s on the corner) After a pretty lengthy hike through native Grand Bahamian coppice and pine forests, we found Owl’s Hole.

The cave itself was formed after its ceiling collapsed into the ground beneath it. The former ceiling now makes up part of the cave’s floor and can still be seen to this day. Owl’s Hole is the perfect spot for adventurers; anyone who yearns for something more. Its main attraction is its descent. That’s what brought the Jumpsquad to it.

It’s just about a 30-foot leap on its southern side and for the adventure seeker that truly wants to bring out their inner daredevil, you can jump from the northern side which is 10 feet higher. Certified SCUBA divers can take on the real task of exploring the cave system while accompanied by local guides.

I have yet to be SCUBA certified, so I stuck to jumping off of the cliff. I kid you not, I was probably the most excited one about jumping into the cave, but after 3 almost jumps, one threat of being pushed off and almost four minutes, I took the leap. I was underwater for about 3 or 4 seconds, but it felt like a lifetime. Because it’s underground, the water is colder than the outside temperature, so I wouldn’t recommend visiting outside of summer when it wouldn’t be hot out. It was something off of a bucket list and was an amazing experience.