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[ Acklins ] • Baaruco or Yahaka?

Truthfully, while traversing the island I felt as if I was in Eleuthera or Long Island. It is a long island much like both Eleuthera and Long Island. So, driving in between settlements took some time. In addition to this, the island is very hilly… Also, like Eleuthera and Long Island. Its highest point stands a towering, for The Bahamas at least, 141 feet above sea level in the settlement of Hard Hill. The similarities between the three islands don’t end there, though. Acklins Island is very narrow, only spanning 4 miles at its widest point.

It is believed that the original Lucayan name of Acklins was either Baaruco or Yahaka. Whatever the Lucayan name may be, Acklins Islands is one of the islands in The Bahamas that is relatively untouched. The island actually didn’t have electricity installed until 1998… Just twenty years ago.  

[ Long island ] • Galloway landing


There’s a tucked away little gem in South Long Island. It’s called Galloway Landing. 

Finding this gem is pretty easy. There’s a dirt road when heading south out of Clarence Town on your right. Take that road and follow it until you see the beach.

This is one of the best beaches on the island, though it’s recommended that you visit in a car suited for off-road travel like a SUV or truck.





[ Life ] • Depression & Suicide

Any loss of life is saddening for me. I cry at funerals when I see family members crying over their loved one's death even if I don't know them. 

However, the loss of a celebrity’s life has never been that troubling to me. Having not knowing them personally, while accepting that their life ending was sad, typically I’ve never found myself genuinely mourning the death of a celebrity. I can only think of one celebrity whose death was genuinely moving for me; Amy Winehouse’s.