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[ NEw providence ] • Blackbeard's tower

The history of The Bahamas can not be told without speaking about pirates.

The first in a series of events that made these islands the Pirate’s Republic was the docking of the, “Fancy” in Nassau Harbour. It was a ship captained by Henry Avery, a pirate. Some of the goods taken during the looting of another ship were used to bribe the then governor, Nicholas Trott.

After this, the city came under attacked by a combined French & Spanish fleet and the island of New Providence was left almost empty and eventually became overran with pirates. It was during this time Nassau truly became the capital of the Pirate’s Republic.

[ Eleuthera ] • Queen's Bath

The decision made to visit the island of Eleuthera recently was an investment in myself; one that will continuously pay dividends. The island’s name means freedom and its fitting. Here, I found my freedom from the realities of life, as I lost myself in a place seemingly unfazed by the ever-changing and ever-evolving world around it.

Eleuthera, like all other Out Islands, has been lost in time and this was to my and would be to your benefit. Take my word. I’m a native of the island. It’s rich with historical value and geographical wonders. One can’t mention natural wonders of Eleuthera without bringing up the Glass Window Bridge, or Glass Window as it’s known by locals. This is the narrowest point on earth at only 30 feet wide. It separates the raging waters of the Atlantic with the tranquil waters of the Exuma Sound (NOT CARIBBEAN SEA!) that The Bahamas has become renowned for, while also connecting the settlement of Upper Bogue to Gregory Town.

[ Eleuthera ] • Glass window bridge

The island of Eleuthera is the longest island in The Bahamas and its roads seem to never end when driving.

Eleuthera is also the narrowest island within our archipelago. At its widest point, the island stretches for no more than one mile in distance. At its narrowest point, the island spans a distance of but a mere 30 feet.

This narrow piece of land is what is known as Glass Window. One can not have a conversation about the island, without mentioning Glass Window.